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Rolling blog on the Conservative Party's biggest summer media hits

This blog will be updated as and when Tory frontbenchers score big August media hits. At the end of the month we'll hold a vote to decide which three stories deserve the most recognition.

27th August Theresa May calculates that the cost of worklessness since 1997 is £350bn.  There was coverage in The Sun and many other newspapers.

26th August: Andrew Lansley secures the Daily Mail splash with statistics exposing how many mothers are forced to give birth in hospital corridors, lifts etc.

26th August: Theresa May's revelations about the true scale of joblessness under Labour dominate the front page of the Daily Express.

23rd-25th August: Chris Grayling secured several days of coverage leading up to his speech accusing Labour of neglecting the poorest in society, claiming that parts of some British cities now resemble scenes from The Wire, and explaining the Conservative approach to tackling social breakdown. ConservativeHome coverage here and here.

21st August: Justine Greening highlights £100m tax hike for small businesses.

20th August: David Cameron sets out 12 reasons why NHS spending must continue to rise in real terms.  In this video he claims that the Conservatives are now the party of the NHS. 

Picture 22 19th August: David Cameron calls for crackdown on availability and price of super-strength alcohol.  James Brokenshire MP reviews the Conservative Party's policy options.

19th August: Nick Gibb wins the front page of The Independent for exposing how many schools "have become "no-go" areas for pupils taking traditional A-level subjects such as maths, science, history, geography or languages."

16th August: Michael Gove outlines Conservative plans to restore rigour to the system of exams and league tables, admitting there has been a "deterioration of standards". ConservativeHome coverage here.

15th August: George Osborne commends controls on bonuses in the non-nationalised banks.

11th August: George Osborne makes speech to Demos claiming that Conservatives are now the progressive party and that public service reform will protect frontline services from the spending cuts that are looming.  Report and video.

9th August: Andrew Lansley and shadow health minister Stephen O'Brien promote the Conservative proposals to allow patients access to their medical records. Details here and watch Andrew Lansley's interview on the Andrew Marr Show here.

7th August: David Willetts accuses Labour of playing politics with education as he exposes how the only building projects for further education colleges being given the go-ahead are in Labour constituencies. Report in the Telegraph here.

6th August: Grant Shapps gets top billing on BBC Radio 4's Today programme and Radio Five Live for his report into the postcode lottery that faces all people seeking IVF treatments.  Report here.

5th August: Liam Fox gets the front page of The Sun for exposing how eight armoured, mine-proof Ridgback trucks have been sitting dormant in Dubai for nearly three weeks, while troops in Afghanistan were waiting for them to arrive - during which time eight soldiers died.

Picture 12 4th August: Result of the Totnes open primary ballot produced very significant positive coverage in all media. Many people deserve credit for the initiative but Party Chairman Eric Pickles deserves top spot.

3rd August: Michael Gove unveils proposal to put previous exam papers online as part of project to track declining standards. Watch him explain his mission.


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