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Lord Forsyth urges Cameron to hold referendum on Scottish independence at earliest opportunity

It will be interesting to see if Alex Salmond's SNP government is damaged by the growing controversy surrounding the early release of the Lockerbie bomber.  Many Unionists have long feared that Salmond's popularity might build under a Conservative government - particularly as it imposes tough spending restraint on Edinburgh.

FORSYTH MICHAEL The Sunday Times reports that former Secretary State for Scotland Michael Forsyth has renewed his call for an early referendum on Scottish independence so that Alex Salmond does not get to choose the time when he puts the referendum issue to the test:

“If we win, the first thing David Cameron should do is spirit a bill through parliament to get on with it. Otherwise we will have these bogus games where the nationalists claim Scots would be better off independent and anything difficult is blamed on being in the UK and not having their own powers. Anyone looking at the seriousness of the problems we are in can see that there are some very difficult decisions ahead and the last thing we want here is to have some smart aleck trying to turn it all into constitutional grievances. We should get on with it and put it to the people. If people want to get out of the United Kingdom so be it. Otherwise let’s get on with dealing with the enormous problems.”

In an intervention last May Lord Forsyth also called for the English to be given the opportunity to ratify the Union.

A recent ConHome survey of Tory candidates found that support for the Union was relatively weak:


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