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Liam Fox lambasts Government over "inexcusable" failure to get armoured trucks to Afghanistan as quickly as possible

FOX GESTICULATING Today's Sun carried the story about how eight armoured, mine-proof Ridgback trucks have been sitting dormant in Dubai for nearly three weeks, while troops in Afghanistan were waiting for them to arrive - during which time eight soldiers died.

Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox has been robust in his attack on the Government, accusing them of "betraying" our forces:

"The idea we have bought potentially life-saving vehicles and do not have the ability to get them to those who need them is inexcusable. While troops are being blown up by bombs, to have these vehicles parked in the desert doing nothing is a crass betrayal of our armed forces' bravery."

Now he has written the below letter to Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, in which he raises further questions about how the MoD intends ensuring the further Ridgbacks scheduled to be sent out later in the year are where they are needed and at the earliest opportunity:

Picture 5

Jonathan Isaby


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