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Guardian and Independent ignore Kaminski's rebuttal of smears against him

Over recent weeks The Guardian and Independent have featured a number of horrible attacks on the reputation of Michal Kaminski. Yesterday Mr Kaminski responded forcefully to the charges against him - as did William Hague. I passed the rebuttals to both newspapers. Have either of those two newspapers featured the rebuttals today? Of course not. Thankfully the old media monopoly is broken and blogs are only going to grow and grow as a result of this kind of behaviour.

Tim Montgomerie

KIRKHOPE-Timothy PS Good piece by Timothy Kirkhope MEP in today's Yorkshire Post defending Mr Kaminski:

"Michal Kaminski has refuted all of the allegations made against him: that, for instance, he is anti-Semitic, homophobic and that he was a member of a far-right party as a teenager. Of course, none of these smears are justified as has been shown by recent remarks by a former British Ambassador to Poland and by the editor of the Jewish Chronicle. Michal was a member of National Revival as a teenager when it was one of the underground movements against the authoritarian Communist regime and its only real ideology at the time was to defeat the Communists. After Poland was liberated, all parties took on new platforms, but Michal had long since moved on. Michal is not a homophobe. He fully supports civil partnerships for homosexuals. As for the allegation that he is anti-Semitic, this is particularly offensive to a man who has spent his life defending Israel and supporting Jewish communities."

Read the full piece here.


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