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Dan Hannan under attack for criticising NHS during US visit

Picture 7 John Prescott is attacking Dan Hannan MEP as the "true face of 'caring' Conservatism" after Dan made criticisms of the NHS during a visit to America. 

I agree with most of what Dan said about NHS inefficiencies but John Prescott's attack is irrelevant.

Dan has zero influence on Tory health policy.

Z. E. R. O..

The Conservative leadership is committed to keeping the NHS more-or-less as it is. We don't use the statements of Stephen Byers or Dennis Skinner to say that's what the Labour leadership believes. Trying to say that Dan speaks for the Tories on this issue is dishonest and desperate politics.

Mr Hannan's remarks begin after 1 minute 20 seconds into the video below:

Tim Montgomerie


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