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Conservatives to launch aggressive raid on Labour's core support as the Government stands accused of creating "a country of two nations"

GRAYLING-OPEN-SHIRT After shadow home secretary Chris Grayling wrote a piece in in yesterday's News of the World, there is more coverage this morning (for example Telegraph, Mail, BBC) of the party's research showing the extent to which Labour has let down the most deprived communities in Britain. 

According to the Daily Telegraph report, it forms part of "the Conservatives' most aggressive raid so far on Labour's core support, in a fresh campaign centring on fixing 'Broken Britain'."

Mr Grayling is leading the charge with a speech tomorrow in which he will argue that Labour has betrayed its core support in the country's poorest communities - in terms of effectively discouraging social mobility, providing poor education and overseeing an increase in violent crime, burglary and theft.

Later in the week shadow work and pensions secretary Theresa May is scheduled to lay into the Government over the crisis in the welfare system created by Labour's "benefits culture".

As Mr Grayling will state in a dossier he is publishing:

Britain today is a society facing huge social challenges, with divisions and inequalities which are as pronounced as they have been for generations. Once people would have found their way off council estates to a better life, encouraged by a society where social mobility was a norm, and not an exception. Today that happens much less often. Instead we are heading rapidly back to being a country of "two nations".

Jonathan Isaby


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