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Confident Cameron is unafraid of NHS debate

I Tweeted this last Friday...

Picture 15...and I kind of feel my source has proved their value with the news that Cameron is going to give a big speech on the NHS tomorrow.

I don't think Cameron needs to be afraid of the NHS debate for five main reasons:

  • Labour's record on the NHS is very uneven.  The targets, poor cancer survival rates, the deprofessionalisation, the collapse of NHS dentistry, MRSA and Labour hypocrisy would be at the top of my list.
  • Cameron has a very powerful and personal commitment to it because of the care it gave his son Ivan.
  • Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is hugely respected by NHS professionals.
  • The Conservatives intend to spend tens of billions more on the NHS - beating inflation.  I'd prefer that we were more modest in our commitment to the NHS budget but if you're going to break the bank on the NHS you might as well get the political reward.
  • A sensible (if cautious) set of NHS reforms (particularly on improving preventative public health) that will deliver better patient care.

There'll be full coverage of the speech on ConHome tomorrow.

Tim Montgomerie


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