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99% of Tory members expect Cameron to be Prime Minister after the General Election

We've already published a number of the results of the ConHome end-July survey of Tory members - eg on a right-to-die, the smoking ban, the shoestring manifesto and shadow cabinet ratings.  Here are ten more findings:

  1. O'BRIEN-NEIL Inheritance tax: 48% of members agree that the inheritance tax pledge should be delayed. 48% think it should be maintained. Policy Exchange's Neil O'Brien recently wrote that "dropping the inheritance tax cut will earn the Tories the right to tell the public the terrible truth about the debt disaster."
  2. Lords reform: Members were also very split on the proposition that "The House of Lords should be full-elected or very largely elected."  45% agreed and 49% disagreed.
  3. Afghanistan: 48% agree that "Afghanistan is a very important front in the war on terror and will only be won if more troops are sent to the country from Britain, America or other NATO countries."  32% agreed "Our troops have done enough in Afghanistan and we should now leave the country in the hands of its new armed forces and government."  20% said we carry on much as we are.  I was very encouraged by this hawkish result.  On Platform today Bob Seely urges Conservatives to stay the course in Afghanistan.
  4. Profit-making schools: 67% agree that schools should be able to make profits. 18% disagree.  The Sunday Times recently suggested that Michael Gove might change Tory policy and allow profit-making businesses to run schools.
  5. ASHCROFT Michael Michael Ashcroft's tax status: 62% said that "Lord Ashcroft should pay tax in the UK." 16% disagreed.
  6. 'A British bank holiday': 81% agreed that "one of our existing bank holidays should become a day for celebrating British history and culture." 14% disagreed.
  7. Satisfaction with David Cameron: 88% of Tory members are satisfied with David Cameron and 12% dissatisfied.
  8. Satisfaction with Boris Johnson: 90% are satisfied with Boris Johnson.  9% dissatisfied.
  9. Likelihood of Tory victory: 99% expect David Cameron to be Prime Minister after the next General Election.
  10. Tory direction: 79% say the Conservative Party is on the right course. 17% think it on the wrong course. 

Tim Montgomerie

1,493 Tory members were polled on 31st July and 1st August 2009.


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