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The Tories must stop the Charity Commission's war on private schools

EducationQuote Two private schools are threatened with losing their charitable status according to today's Independent.  Given that only five have been investigated so far hundreds more are also at risk.

Following changes made by Labour the Charity Commission is now empowered to investigate whether private schools are providing enough "public benefit" in return for tax reliefs that they receive as registered charities.

My own view is that parents who use independent schools have already paid for their child's education once through the tax system and some acknowledgement from the taxpayer for paying a second time is eminently reasonable.

At the same time it is probably good practice for private schools to pay bursaries and provide facilities for less fortunate families but a parent's choice to use their income for their child's education - rather than buying a yacht, a second home or whatever - should be acknowledged.

Over to you, Mr Gove.  Will you stop this attack?

Tim Montgomerie


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