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The DUP is singing from Labour's hymn sheet on "Tory cuts"

UK map with union jack flag The Belfast News Letter reports this morning how the Democratic Unionist Party appears to be aping Labour's attacks on the Conservative Party.

It quotes DUP Assembly Member Simon Hamilton as saying that "no area of public expenditure could be safe from the savage cuts implemented by the Conservative Party".

He goes on to say that the DUP "will oppose tooth and nail any attempt to hack away at public spending here no matter what the source, whether it be the current Labour Government or a future Tory one".

This is evidence of the DUP's statist, Left-wing instincts, if ever it were needed.

The Northern Ireland Conservative and Unionists campaign director, Neil Johnston, has responded by accusing the DUP of wanting to "foster resentment within the UK over public spending":

"The Conservatives are clear that public spending in the UK needs to be allocated on a needs-based formula. We want Northern Ireland people to be treated as equal citizens... Frankly, Mr Hamilton's remarks are more fitting for a Scottish, Welsh or even Irish nationalist - not someone who believes the Union is for the good of all of us."

Jonathan Isaby


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