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The Conservative Party outspent Labour by more than £5 million in 2008

4pm update: Conservative Party chairman Eric Pickles has issued the following statement:

"Labour's unhealthy reliance on the unions means they are powerless to actually represent the views of the country and bring about the change the public desperately needs. The Conservatives are widening their donor base as more and more people realise David Cameron is the only  person to mend broken Britain."


The BBC is reporting the latest figures to be published by the Electoral Commission of the various parties' income and spending last year:

"The Conservatives outspent Labour by more than £5m in 2008 according to financial accounts published by the Electoral Commission. They show the Tories had income of £32.3m and spent £31.9m. Labour had income of £34m and spent £26.2m.

"The Liberal Democrats got £5.4m income and spent just over £6m. Labour still owes £11m to supporters who made unsecured loans. The BNP has been fined at least £500 after failing to hand over its accounts in time." 

Click here to download the Conservative Party's accounts for 2008 as published today.

More details about the other parties is available via the Electoral Commission website.

Jonathan Isaby


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