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New Populus poll has all three main parties gaining ground at the expense of "Others"

A new poll in tomorrow morning's Times, conducted by Populus, suggests that all three main parties are gaining ground at the expenses of "Others".

PopulusComparisons are with the most recent Populus poll, conducted a month ago.

This would compute into a Conservative majority of 20 in the Commons, according to the UK Polling Report Swing Calculator.

Elsewhere in the poll's findings, there is good news for the Conservatives in terms of the public finding the party's message on tax and spend more credible than Labour's:

"Only 28 per cent say that if there have to be cuts they would trust Labour most to cut in ways that do not harm important public services and minimise the negative impact on ordinary people. This compares with 38 per cent trusting the Tories."

1,504 adults were interviewed by telephone between July 17 and 19.

Jonathan Isaby


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