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Liam Fox demands "urgent" review of Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

7pm Update, 29th July:

The Government has announced it is bringing forward its review of the compensation scheme, news which has been welcomed by shadow defence minister Andrew Murrison:

“We welcome the Government’s decision to expedite the review of its Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, which is clearly not fit for purpose in its current form. Why has it taken the Government so long to realise that the system needs to be looked at? So far, the AFCS appears to have produced a number of perverse decisions that have taken no account of the likely long term needs of people who have suffered from serious mental or physical disability in the service of their country. The review must look at the amounts which are paid out, the time within which claims can be made, and a way in which awards can reflect the real care needs of our injured service personnel.
“The Government needs to say why it originally intended this review to happen next year, rather than immediately as the Conservatives have called for. It now looks like the Government’s decisions are made thanks to legal action rather than a genuine desire to do the best for our troops. It’s a pity that everything has to be dragged out of this Government, and that they have to be forced to make these decisions to look after our brave service personnel.”


FoxMcChrystal We are still awaiting the outcome today (Tuesday July 28th) from the Court of Appeal where the Government is challenging the compensation which has been paid to two injured veterans.

Defence Select Committee chairman and Tory MP James Arbuthnot appeared on television earlier to condemn the move as a marking a "worrying trend", and shadow defence secretary Liam Fox has just issued a statement demanding an "urgent" review of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme:

“We now have a government which has lost its political instincts and sense of direction. It’s an essential part of the Military Covenant that those injured in the service of their country are dealt with in a consistent and coherent way. Visible and invisible injuries must both be dealt with, and the MoD and other government departments must deal not only with injuries but their consequences.

“The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme needs to be reviewed urgently as part of a wider programme looking at the terms and conditions of the Armed Forces.”

Jonathan Isaby


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