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Many factors likely to tip Christians toward voting Conservative

The Mail on Sunday has the story about Labour's plan to scrap the voting rights of Anglican Bishops in the House of Lords:

"Bishops are expected to retain their seats in the House of Lords but be stripped of their voting rights under reforms being drawn up by Gordon Brown.  The Government will opt for an all-elected upper chamber when Justice Secretary Jack  Straw unveils plans later this month, according to Whitehall sources.  Church of England Bishops had expressed fears that they would lose the 26 seats traditionally reserved for them if all peers were elected.  Such a change would be regarded as a massive loss of power and status by the Church which could trigger a serious constitutional crisis."

It's largely an academic point.  I can't see how Labour can deliver Lords reform before the next election and it will be a low priority for an incoming Conservative government.

CAMERON-AT-CSJ-(WHITE-BACKG Labour could lose a great deal of the Anglican vote at the next election.  The Bishops lambasted Labour's economic and social policies last December.  On Radio 4 this morning - on the Sunday programme - the retiring Bishop of Hulme criticised Labour's attempts to force Christians into alliances with other faith communities.

Other factors likely to tip Christian voters towards the Conservatives:

Of course, Labour MP Tom Harris is right.  There are Christians in all parties but the shift among churchgoers might be a big factor at the next election.

Tim Montgomerie

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