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Labour 15 and 17 points adrift of the Tories in two new polls

Two polls out this evening:

A new ComRes poll to be published in tomorrow's Independent on Sunday shows the Conservatives going into the summer recess fifteen points ahead of Labour - although two points shy of the 40% mark.

The numbers in tomorrow's paper are:

ComResIndyOnSunday Comparisons are with the most recent ComRes poll which appeared in The Independent at the end of June.

The paper also highlights two further findings on David  Cameron and British involvement in Afghanistan:

"The latest survey shows voters increasingly “do not really know what David Cameron stands for”: 53 per cent agreed with this statement, an increase from 49 per cent a year ago, while 42 per cent disagreed."

"Some 60 per cent disagreed that more British troops and resources should be devoted to Afghanistan, with just 34 per cent agreeing. A total of 64 per cent want all British forces to be withdrawn from the country “as quickly as possible”, with 33 per cent in disagreement."

John Rentoul has more here.

Meanwhile, a new YouGov poll has the Conservatives getting above the magic 40% mark again:

YouGov Comparisons are with the YouGov poll for The People at the end of June.

Both polls would also suggest that support for combined "others" is beginning to dip in the wake of Expenses-gate and the European elections.

Jonathan Isaby


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