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Jeremy Hunt calls for apology from BBC executive who called for promotion of left-wing thinking

Jonathan Isaby posted on CentreRight earlier about the BBC drama controller, Ben Stephenson, who said that "we need to foster peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, stubborn-mindedness, left-of-centre thinking".

HUNT JEREMY OPEN NECKED SHIRT Jeremy Hunt MP, Tory spokesman on Culture, Media and Sport has just issued ConHome with this statement:

"Regarding the BBC, what Ben Stephenson said was a clear breach of the BBC's impartiality obligations. No journalist or editor should be following a political agenda, let alone someone as senior as a controller. The fact that this appeared publicly also arouses grave concern about many others who may have the same agenda privately. I have written to BBC Director General Mark Thompson asking for an immediate retraction and apology and if I do not receive one will refer the matter as an official complaint to the BBC Trust."

No doubt the BBC will say that Mr Stephenson meant to say "left-field" or some such but there is too much evidence to suggest that the BBC's heart does lean to the political left.  Peter Whittle yesterday explored the left/liberal prejudices of the latest BBC drama and there is, of course, Samuel Coates' great Facebook investigation in which he discovered that there are eleven times more 'liberals' at the BBC than 'conservatives'.

Tim Montgomerie


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