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Gay Labour vs Gay Conservatism

Labour MP and Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw: "A deep strain of homophobia still exists on the Conservative benches."

Foreign Affairs Minister Chris Bryant: "If gays vote Tory they will rue the day very soon."

Alan Duncan MP: "This is the last gasp of Labour's desperation. Bradshaw and Bryant are simply trying to stir up hatred and division from the last century and it's both unwarranted and unworthy. It's simply untrue. I believed we had reached the happy point where politics had been taken out of this altogether. But these remarks show that Labour is actually the nasty party." (Quoted by the BBC).

Iain Dale: "Gay people use the health service and they see the chronic mismanagement and waste. Like everyone else they see town centres which are out of control at night through binge drinking. They are fed up with the political correctness your government encourages. They see an immigration system which is cracking under the strain and a police force which has been demoralised by the red tape you have introduced. In short they see a country crying out for change. They reject your politics of envy and politics of division."

Tim Montgomerie


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