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Edward McMillan-Scott becomes the Left's useful idiot as he throws smear after smear at Michał Kamiński

I have already made my views about Edward McMillan-Scott MEP very clear and am disappointed that Eric Pickles has still not expelled him from the party.

McMillan-Scott used an article in the Yorkshire Post to make new attacks on Michał Kamiński, leader of the group including Tory MEPs.  The article is a disgrace.  It is full of smears and a completely unjustified juxtaposition of Kamiński with the BNP.  EMS is becoming a useful idiot of the Left as he attempts a pathetic justification of his own disloyalty to the Conservative voters who elected him.

Dan Hannan has been leading the fightback with a powerful blog earlier today.  Dan explained the real reason why the Left and EMS are out to get Kamiński:

"Critics of the European Conservatives and Reformists - the first bloc of mainstream parties in the European Parliament to oppose deeper integration - have reached a new and nauseating low. In their determination to malign the only serious Euro-sceptic opposition they have encountered in 50 years, they are accusing the ECR’s leader, Michał Kamiński, of anti-Semitism.  Never mind that Michał is a lifelong champion of human rights; never mind that he is a keen supporter of the European Jewish Congress and the European Friends of Israel; never mind that both his grandfathers fought the Nazis. He’s a Euro-sceptic - and that, in the eyes of his critics, justifies attacking him with any weapons available, including those banned by the Geneva Convention."

I understand that Mr Kamiński is personally deeply hurt by the accusations and has used an interview with the European Jewish Press to respond to some of the smears flying in his direction:

"Sadly, my political opponents have thrown every accusation and smear they can think of against me. I will not allow them to paint me as anti-Semitic. I have always sought to highlight the plague of anti-Semitism in Poland, where it exists, through my work in the European Parliament, where I have highlighted it in a plenary debate in December 2004 and was even attacked by the far right in Poland for that remark. I will continue to do this. At the same time I will always dispute the notion that anti-Semitism is an inherent Polish characteristic.  I am sorry that some of our political opponents are using false accusations of anti-Semitism as political weapons. The danger of anti-Semitism is too serious to be misused for partisan attacks."

Read the full interview.

I apologise for the strength of this post but I'm furious at EMS' mudslinging.

Tim Montgomerie


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