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David Cameron tells The Sun he is ready to govern, will protect frontline services from the inevitable spending cuts, and warns union leaders not to take him on

David Cameron waist up The Sun - which appears to me increasingly prepared to declare its backing for the Conservatives at the next general election - carries an interview with David Cameron this morning.

The party leader tells the paper that after three and half years as Opposition leader he is more ready than ever to take on the job of Prime Minister:

"I have done good preparation for the job. I'm more confident about what the job entails. I'm very confident of my team and the people around me. The scale of the task has got a lot greater. There are some really tough challenges we face as a country.

"But it is what I want to do. I'm brimming with energy and enthusiasm to do the job. I believe that in life you have to give things your best shot, do your best. You have to focus on what needs to be done, do the right thing, not the popular thing." 

On the state of the public finances, he said:

"I am looking Sun readers in the eye - and we have to cut public spending. I will do it in a fair way. I will protect frontline services. I will do the right thing. Everyone in this country knows it needs to be done."

And he also sends out a tough-talking message to the country's union leaders:

"My message to union leaders who think they can take me on is simple: Don't do it. An elected government will have a mandate and I would say to union leaders, I want to have good relations with these people. They have an important part to play. They know themselves that Britain is living well beyond its means and savings need to be made. But my message to the unions on this is: I'm certainly not planning on losing."

Jonathan Isaby


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