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Channel 4 plans autumn docu-drama on David Cameron's Bullingdon Club days

MirrorScan The Left-wing media's attack on Andy Coulson may have fizzled out but The Mirror gleefully reports the next attempt to erode the Conservative Party's opinion poll advantage.

Although the BBC drama department has been in the headlines for admitting its ambition to "foster" left-of-centre thinking it is Channel 4 that is planning to take viewers "behind the scenes to see what it was really like" to be a member of Oxford University's elitist Bullingdon Club.

The photograph of Mr Cameron in full Bullingdon attire has been mysteriously withdrawn from public circulation but Labour strategists still believe that the exclusive club and its drunken antics have the power to damage the Conservative leader.  They have not been deterred by their disastrous 'Toff hats' campaign in Crewe and Nantwich and will be delighted at C4's drama.

I'm sure Mr Cameron wishes this story would go away.  My advice to him is to use something like the line that George W Bush deployed when he was asked about his own more serious youthful misbehaviours: "When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible."

Although the attack on Cameron is a subsidiary component of Labour strategy it is expected that Labour will major on trying to suggest that Cameron may be a modern man but behind him is an unreformed Conservative Party.  "David Cameron's 'new look' Tory MPs are the most extreme for a generation" was yesterday's Mirror attack.

Tim Montgomerie


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