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Cameron: Gay campaigners can be proud of their achievements

JAMES Margot At a £50-a-head event in London yesterday - hosted by the glamorous Conservative candidate, Margot James - David Cameron paid tribute to the achievements of the gay equality movement:

"Your movement has come a long way over the past forty years. It started with a small group of people in New York City, standing up to injustice and inequality. Now thousands of people come together every year to celebrate the gay community and equal rights. Part of that is about our society changing - about more and more people saying that bigotry is wrong.  But a big part of it is about you - the gay and lesbian community.  Your courage in combating prejudice... your determination to be treated equally and your pride in who you are. You've changed the way this country thinks. And you should be proud of what you have achieved."

The Pink Paper reports that Mr Cameron also used the gathering to apologise for Section 28.  He described it as a "mistake" and "offensive to gay people”.

Since becoming leader Mr Cameron has promised to offer same sex partners the new tax allowances he plans for married couples and, much more controversially, he agreed to force Catholic adoption agencies to place children with gay people.

At this year's Manchester Party Conference the Conservatives are planning a 'Pride Party' but The Telegraph's Alex Singleton thinks it "very early Nineties".

There are currently three openly gay Conservative MPs - all on the frontbench.  ConHome's survey of likely new MPs suggest that that will probably reach double figures after the General Election.

Tim Montgomerie


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