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"Turn a blind eye" to Tory UKIP voters says Brian Binley MP

BINLEY-BRIAN Lord Kalms was the latest Conservative Party member to be expelled for voting UKIP in last Thursday's elections but, on the Cornerstone blog, Brian Binley MP urges the Tory leadership to turn a blind eye on Tory members 'lending their vote' to other parties:

"A number of my very good supporters have already told me that they voted UKIP in the Euro elections because they wanted to make a point. I am now in a quandary.  Do we kick them out of the local party or do I keep quiet?  Well, I am obviously not keeping quiet.  So what should the party do?  If its got any sense at all, it should recognise that occasionally good Tories, for their own good reasons, will vote in a way the party doesn’t like. Tough!  The party better get used to it or create a policy which those good Tories can support."

Tim Montgomerie


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