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Tobias Ellwood MP beaten "black and blue" by youths

ELLWOOD-TOBIAS This is what The Sun is reporting;

"Cops are hunting four yobs who repeatedly punched an MP in the head in a vicious attack in his seaside constituency. Superfit former Army captain Tobias Ellwood tried to stop the gang of youths throwing a ball around in Boscombe High Street, Dorset. But the trouble-makers turned on the Bournemouth East MP yesterday afternoon and lobbed the ball at him from point blank range at his face twice. The gang then got angry when he took photographs of them on his mobile phone as evidence and called police. The youths tried to steal his mobile phone. Witnesses then saw the gang of four take a number of violent swings at his head. Mr Ellwood went to hospital with minor head injuries and a swollen ear which has temporarily damaged his hearing."

Thank God Tobias is going to be okay after what must have been a dreadful experience.  His bravery is admirable.

Tim Montgomerie


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