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The Conservatives are "on track" to form new eurosceptic alliance in Brussels

DSC05160 That isn't my assertion (delighted though I am with the news), but that of this morning's Guardian - which has been one of the Left-wing media outlets regularly pouring scorn on David Cameron's decision to pull Tory MEPs out of the European People's Party and form a new eurosceptic, free market-oriented grouping in Brussels.

The paper reports that there will be much activity in Brussels over the coming days as the pace of efforts to form the new group quickens, with numerous meetings to finalise the new alliance being scheduled.

Mark Francois, the shadow Europe minister, tells this morning's FT: "We hope to make an announcement within the next few weeks, once final negotiations, including staffing issues, have been completed."

The core of the new group will be the 26 Conservative MEPs (yes, there are 26, despite all media outlets seemingly failing to recognise Northern Ireland MEP Jim Nicholson and insisting on saying there are 25).

Then there are nine MEPs from the Czech ODS party and a further fifteen from Poland's Law and Justice Party.

That's fifty MEPs from three countries just a start.

But European Parliament rules dictate that any grouping seeking official status in the European Parliament requires MEPs from seven different countries.

The Guardian suggests that allies from a number of further countries are being targeted including:

  • Three MEP from Latvia;
  • Two Danish MEPs;
  • And one MEP from each of Belgium, Lithuania and Estonia.  

I look forward to being able to report positive news about the formation of the new group before too long.

Jonathan Isaby


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