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The BBC must fire Sir Alan Sugar from The Apprentice, say Tories

Sugar-Alan Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP has just issued this statement:

"Presenting a programme for the BBC and working for the Government on the same issue is totally incompatible with the BBC's rules on political independence and impartiality.  Sir Alan Sugar needs to make a choice between his role in The Apprentice and his role as the Government's business tsar. I have written to Sir Michael Lyons and asked him as a matter of urgency to explain who at the BBC gave guidance to Sir Alan and whether he had informed them that he would be a Labour peer."

It's exactly the right policy position but I should imagine some of the many millions of Apprentice addicts won't want Alan Sugar to go if he becomes a Labour peer.  John Whittingdale, Tory Chairman of the Culture Select Committee, has already objected to Sir Alan's continuing role:

"In my view, it is not possible for him to continue to present The Apprentice at the same time as he is so closely identified with the Government. I had assumed that by accepting the role as enterprise tsar, he would stand down from his role in The Apprentice. His show is all about business and enterprise. he will be making recommendations on policy to Government. He is already a political figure – he has made no secret of his admiration for Gordon Brown. Either he is an influential figure in Government or this is just window-dressing."

If it's a hard choice between being in the TV spotlight and becoming an adviser to Brown I think I know what Britain's 92nd richest man might choose.

Tim Montgomerie

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