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Rolling blog on new expenses revelations

With the Commons finally publishing heavily edited extracts of MPs' expenses claims today we should get more revelations as journalists and others work their way through the data.

Paul Waugh has the best so far:

Picture 3

10.45am Guido has a rolling list including this: "Alan Duncan takes £250 petty cash each and every month without any justification. Because he could." Dizzy notes a Labour MP, Phyllis Starkey, and her submission of a 50p receipt.

10.50am: David Cameron claimed £564 for reworking of the photo gallery on his website.

11.05am CCHQ tell me that "Gordon Brown claimed £176.25 on his Communications Allowance in January 2008 for a CD of photographs of himself."

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11.15am: Ben Brogan: "I've just had a look through Gordon Brown's claims, which you will find here. Two things jump out: we are paying to have his shirts ironed, and for his Sky subscription (£38/month). the word 'Sky' is deleted, but not everywhere. What is it about watching football that is "wholly, necessarily and exclusively" connected to his work as an MP?"

Noon: Yvette Cooper charged taxpayers £148.50 having been caught without a train ticket.  Page 38 of here.

12.40pm: Ed Balls claimed for book entitled 'Reasons to be Cheerful'.

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