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Publish in full or be damned, says The Times after Parliament's blackest day


15312005"All MPs should, today, republish their expenses with the redactions removed. Otherwise we will consider each of them to be signatories to this brazen betrayal of trust. Each of the party leaders should set an example to his party. Hiding behind data protection issues or security threats is pathetic, and not an excuse. Anyone determined to find out where an MP lives can do so. The Prime Minister's residence is hardly a secret. If bank account details would be shown in an unredacted claim, change accounts. Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg should lead the way, publishing their claims, unedited, unredacted, untarnished by black ink." - Times leader

> On CentreRight Stephan Shakespeare says David Cameron must not surrender to the desire of Tory MPs for a gentler stance on their expenses.


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