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Philip Hammond states that "protecting frontline public services" is the key when reviewing government spending

HAMMOND PHILIP Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Philip Hammond, has appeared on Sky News this morning, expressing the position that "protecting frontline public services" will be the key when reviewing government spending.

He reiterated the point previously made by the Conservatives that Labour's own figures already show that it plans cuts of around 7% in total public service spending over three years - although not starting until 2011. He said that this timing was "for purely political reasons" and that the Conservatives would start the process in 2010.

He said: "We need to fundamentally restructure the way we deliver public services... so that we can protect frontline public services... that's the key."

Aside from repeating already identified projects which the Conservaitves are committed to abolishing - the NHS computer, identity cards, the Contact Point database and regional assemblies - he would not be drawn any further on where the axe would fall under a Conservative Government.

Jonathan Isaby


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