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More evidence of the public/private sector divide

MAY-THERESA Earlier today Theresa May MP issued a press release reacting to the record fall in employment of 271,000 over the last three months.  Her release included these two powerful bullet points:

  • The number of people in public sector employment was 6.02 million in March 2009, up 15,000 from December 2008. The number of people in private sector employment was 23.09 million, down 286,000 from December 2008 (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, first release June 2009).
  • In the three months to April average earnings, including bonuses grew by 0.3% in the private sector, compared to a rise of 3.6% in the public sector (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, first release June 2009).

As Mark Field and Graeme Archer, in particular, have blogged: This public sector/ private sector divide is going to get a lot more potent.

Tim Montgomerie


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