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Brown lies, lies and lies at PMQs about spending

EDITORIAL VERDICT: Has anyone told Brown that it's best to stop digging when you are in a hole? Today at PMQs he made a fool of himself. He repeated the line that has been discredited over the last week that the choice for voters was between Tory cuts and Labour investment. He constantly refused to answer David Cameron's question on Labour's planned real cuts.

Highlights, not verbatim:

12.27pm: In reply to a question from Lee Scott MP, Brown says the Government has not received informal briefings from Damian McBride.

Randall12.22pm: Tory John Randall asks if the Department of Transport is compiling dossiers on people who oppose the Heathrow third runway.  Brown says he knows of no such exercise.  [I'll call Mr Randall's office and see what he might be getting at].

12.18pm: Nick Clegg asks two questions about financial regulation.

12.15pm: People know they have a Prime Minister who wasn't elected, says the Conservative leader, who can't be straight with people and doesn't even tell 10% of the truth.  Brown repeats his line that the Conservatives are the party of the few, not the many, and not the party of investment,

12.12pm: Does Brown believe that voters are so stupid that he thinks voters won't notice that spending will fall after debt interest has been taken into account, Cameron says?  That is why the Prime Minister is distrusted, Cameron continues.  Brown's problem is that he isn't straight with people and if he can't be straight with people then he isn't worthy to be Prime Minister.

12.09pm: Cameron quotes the Institute for Fiscal Studies' Robert Chote in support of the argument that Labour is planning real cuts.  Brown repeats his line that Tories are the party of cuts and Labour of investment.

Picture 7 12.04pm: Brown says Labour will spend more and the Tories will spend less.  Cameron says Brown looks more and more desperate.  Whether you look at capital and current expenditure there are planned cuts once you've taken into account debt payments, Cameron says.  Brown dodges Cameron's question and says the worst thing about David Cameron is that he is planning to cut expenditure to fund tax cuts for millionaires.

12.02pm: Unbelievably Brown begins by repeating the discredited Mr 10% line.  David Cameron says he thought it referred to Labour's opinion poll rating.  Boom! Boom!

Noon: It's going to be a PMQs full of tributes to the Speaker...

Tim Montgomerie


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