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List of expenses repayments by Conservative MPs published today

2.30pm Update: Scroll to the bottom of the post for the new repayment details


This afternoon the Conservative Party is to publish details of how much individual MPs have repaid to the authorities after making "questionable" expense claims.

The BBC suggests that the figure will total around £250,000 - double the amount already known about.

It comes after the party's scrutiny panel has finished going through the claims of all Conservative MPs. Incidentally, for reference, the membership of the panel was:

  • David Gold, senior partner at Herbert Smith (not David Gold the Eltham PPC)
  • Patrick McLoughlin MP, Chief Whip
  • John Randall MP, Assistant Chief Whip
  • Ed Llewellyn, David Cameron's Chief of Staff
  • Ian McIsaac, The party's Head of Compliance
  • Jeremy Middleton, Chairman of National Conservative Convention

David Cameron addressed MPs this morning at a meeting which I am told was "good-natured", with MPs listening in silence as he explained how the information was to be made public this afternoon.

I also gather that a number of MPs - including Andrew Mackay, the leader's former senior adviser who stepped down over his own claims - praised David Cameron for the decisive lead he has taken on this whole issue.

1.30pm Update:

In advance of the publication of the information, David Cameron - prior to making his speech about the individual and the state - said that Conservative MPs has "responded overwhelmingly in a positive way" to the work of the scrutiny panel. He emphasised that whilst those paying money back had not broken the rules, it was about "understanding public anger" and having to "atone for the ways of the past".

Jonathan Isaby

> On Sunday Tim Montgomerie noted 'the grim mood of the parliamentary Conservative Party'

2.30pm Update:

The party has now published a full update in the findings of the Scrutiny Panel and has summarised its findings as follows:

  • Every Conservative MP has provided their Additional Costs Allowance claims between 2004/5 and 2007/8 for examination by the Panel;
  • So far, every claim has been examined by the Panel and the claims of 186 MPs have been resolved;
  • 4140 Conservative MPs are making new repayments, totalling over £125,000, (in addition to over £130,000 already being repaid by 60 Conservative MPs);
  • Nine Conservative MPs have also already agreed to forgo all or part of the second homes allowance in future, estimated to be worth in excess of £100,000.

Click here for a pdf of the full list of the new repayments which have been announced this afternoon. 4pm update: Robert Syms was included by CCHQ on the list in error and he has this afternoon recieived a letter from assistant chif whip John Randall apologising for the mistake.

And click here for a full list of the repayments which have already been made.

Click here for a list of MPs who have voluntarily already agreed to forgo all or part of the second homes allowance.

Finally, click here for a list of repayments previously made by shadow cabinet members.



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