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Hunting Act is bad law and bad laws should be repealed, says Hague

Hague European Elections The Horse and Hound has just online with a reaffirmation from Deputy Tory leader William Hague that a Conservative government will find time to repeal the Hunting Act:

"A Conservative government will give parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote and in government time. This has been our position and it will remain our position... The passage of the Hunting Act revealed that Labour MPs' respect for the views of minorities only extended to those minorities whose views they could readily agree with. The result was a piece of legislation so deeply prejudiced and so ridiculously unworkable that its existence weakens and discredits the laws of the land... This is a bad law and bad laws should be repealed, not ignored."

Mr Hague was addressing over 400 members of the Masters of Foxhounds Association and received a standing ovation for his promise.

Tim Montgomerie

> Seats and candidates: 119 of 120 Tory candidates in marginal seats support repeal of hunting ban


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