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European Election Results Blog (Part II)

1.33am: It's Nirj Deva, not Diva BBC!

Picture 2 1.28am: Dan Hannan quotes Dr Seuss in his victory speech, urging Gordon Brown to "just go"!

Hannan 1.23am: Labour down from over 300,000 to just 200,000 in South East.

1.20am: Confirming my first call of the night, Labour have lost their only SW MEP. Down from 15% to 8%, finishing FIFTH.  Three Tory MEPs elected.

MUNDELL DAVID NEW1.09am: Statement from Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell:

“On the basis of tonight’s European results, Conservatives are winning again across Scotland, taking seats like Edinburgh South, East Renfrewshire and Dumfries & Galloway from Labour and Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk and West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine from the Liberal Democrats.  This European election result is a disaster for Labour in Scotland. It only emphasises that the choice at the next Westminster election is between a tired and failing Labour Government or a rejuvenated Conservative Party. Only the Conservatives can remove Labour from Downing Street."

12.57am: UKIP down 10% in East Midlands but, on the downside, old defector Bill Newton-Dunn comes back as LibDem MEP.

12.44am: Dr Charles Tannock, Syed Kamall and Marina Yannakoudakis elected in London.

12.32am: Very bad night for Labour. Very, very bad night for the LibDems:

Picture 19 12.22am: Both of the Conservatives' two leading prospective partners - the ODS in the Czech Republic and Law & Justice in Poland - have made gains in percentage of vote tonight.

12.13am: It is looking almost certain that Nick Griffin will become an MEP for NW England.

12.05am: Confirming bad night for LDs, Con vote in Solihull was double LD vote. 18,234 v 9,649. 'Are you watrching... are you watching Cowley Street?'

11.55pm: BNP, UKIP and Greens in three way fight for final MEP slot in North West.

11.53pm: Liberal Democrats are having a particularly bad night but as the Kilroy-Silk effect unwinds in East Midlands the LDs are set to gain an MEP from UKIP.

11.51pm: Sky's Adam Boulton has given the BNP about 15 minutes of attention. Way too much!  The graph below shows that the BNP gain in Yorkshire is a pretty direct shift of the Labour vote:

Picture 18 11.45pm: "Spain's Popular Party gained 42.2 percent of votes to the ruling Socialist Party's 38.5 percent, drawing its highest ever support in a European parliamentary election, based on a preliminary count." (Interactive Investor).

11.32pm: More places where Labour came fifth:

  • West Worcestershire
  • Surrey Heath
  • Mole Valley
  • Maidstone
  • Melton
  • Blaby
  • Test Valley
  • Royal Borough of Kingston
  • Lewes
  • Rutland
  • MendipTonbridge and Malling

11.29pm: BNP MEP elected in Yorkshire:

Picture 17 11.19pm: For the first time since World War One the Conservatives have won in Wales:

  • Con
  • Lab
  • Plaid Cymru
  • UKIP
  • Libdems

11.11pm: Labour has now come FIFTH in 26 places.

11.08pm: The BNP are "very likely" to win in North West (Nick Griffin). They may get one more MEP (in Yorkshire (where the hurdle is a high 11.5%) rather than London).  Griffin was greeted with protestors earlier:

11.06pm: Conservatives top poll in Wrexham for first time ever.

10.49pm: Jeremy Vine BBC1 saying Tories beating Labour across Edinburgh. SNP first.

PICKLES ERIC ON BBC1 10.45pm: On BBC1 Eric Pickles says Tories will be announcing new MEP partners in next "few days".

10.40pm: After 12 declarations in Wales Conservatives have topped the poll in Clwyd West, Preseli Pembrokeshire, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Cardiff South and Penarth, Cardiff North.

10.30pm: First hints from Yorkshire: At the end of the night there'll be 2 Con MEPs and one each for Lab, Lib Dem, UKIP and BNP.

10.25pm: Alistair Darling would lose his seat based on tonight's results from Scotland.

10.24pm: More places where Labour came fifth:

  • Ribble Valley
  • New Forest
  • Banstead
  • Isle of Wight
  • Eastbourne
  • Guildford
  • Derbyshire Dales
  • S Staffordshire
  • W.Worcestershire
  • Wokingham
  • Canterbury
  • Torbay

10.20pm: Another photo: (from left to right): Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin, David Cameron, Kate Rock (background), Ed Llewellyn, George Osborne, Kate Fall, Andy Coulson, Oliver Dowden.

AroundPod2 10.14pm: Places where Labour is coming fifth:

  • Epping Forest
  • North Norfolk
  • West Dorset
  • Ashford
  • Elmbridge
  • East Herts
  • Richmond on Thames

UKIP doing less well in East Midlands. They are missing Robert Kilroy-Silk.

Part I here.

Tim Montgomerie


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