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Eric Pickles warns that BNP could become a "very serious force" which "must be confronted"

Eric Pickles Party chairman Eric Pickles spoke at a Westminster Press Gallery lunch today and it is remarks which he made about the BNP have attracted the most attention.

According to the BBC report, he revealed that the Tories had "collaborated with Labour to take on the BNP at the recent elections - by making sure they stood candidates in areas where they were expected to do well and tipping Labour off when it was felt they were gaining support".

Yet he apparently accused Labour of "student politics" and "dog whistle tactics" for having put out contradictory messages on immigration to the electorate and Labour supporters.   

But his main message was that the mainstream parties had to confront the BNP:

"They are going to be a very serious force in British politics and the mainstream political parties have got to get their act together and start confronting them. We have got to start working in those areas where they have got contact, harder than we have ever worked before. That's the way you are going to defeat the BNP - you have got to take the BNP on. They have filled that vacuum which Labour retreated from so long ago."

Jonathan Isaby

> Before the European Elections ConHome launched 'There is nothing British about the BNP'. It will be developed in the weeks ahead.


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