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"Emergency cuts cabinet" could meet immediately after a Tory election victory

OSBORNE behind CAMERON The Guardian is reporting this morning that if a Conservative Government is formed after the next election, then (shadow) chancellor George Osborne may seek to hold a "two-day emergency cabinet session" to discuss and agree how to bring public spending under control department-by-department.

The paper suggests that at present there is a supposition that individual Cabinet ministers will have to justify their departmental budgets privately to a "star chamber" of a few big beasts; but it reports that there is now increasing pressure for the decisions to be made collectively at the top table:

"Some shadow cabinet members are arguing that an emergency collective cabinet decision might be the most effective approach: it would allow the tensions between the big-spending ministries, such as defence and schools, to be aired in front of the cabinet, binding everyone in to whatever decisions were taken."

My initial reaction is that this latter approach would be eminently sensible; not least because it could also herald a move back in the direction of Cabinet Government, which has hugely diminished under successive administrations.

Jonathan Isaby   


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