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David Cameron "is not one of life's haters"

CAMERON-HAPPY Within YET another attack on John Bercow in the Daily Mail Quentin Letts writes this about David Cameron:

"One of the Tories was David Cameron who wandered in early for a foreign policy statement and shook the Squeaker's hand with debonair charm. Mr Cameron is not one of life's haters. Plenty of his MPs think Mr Bercow is a sleazy traitor but the Tory leader prefers not to waste energy on such emotions. In this he is similar to Tony Blair, who worked out that hatred is a negative commodity which can only make life more complicated. Shrewd."

That's a very important observation and I hope it's true.  If Mr Cameron can go through the next few years building bridges with people rather than walls he'll be a lot more successful than the increasingly bunkered Gordon Brown.

I have to say that I don't always believe everything I read in the Mail on Sunday but this article from a fortnight ago had the ring of truth to it:

"Tony Blair believes Gordon Brown's political future is doomed because of 'the darkness in his heart' and his 'lies' - and feels Mr Brown has no one to blame but himself... He hoped he would be a success and has tried to support him and offered what advice he can. But he always feared Gordon may not have the right temperament or character to do the job and that's how it has turned out.'"

Tim Montgomerie

PS Jonathan points out that he is the "nerd" mentioned by Letts in today's sketch of the new Speaker's procession through Parliament's central lobby: "At the edge of the lobby he spotted a rolypoly supporter from the world of Right-wing internet bloggers. This nerd was given a special grin."  Charming!


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