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46% of voters are wrong

46% of voters agree that most MPs are personally corrupt according to a YouGov poll for The Telegraph.  35% disagree and 19% do not know.  I have to say I'm firmly in the 35% camp.  There are more bad apples in parliament than I expected - a lot more - but The Telegraph's expenses-gate revelations have only found a handful of cases of real corruption.  There have been many examples of greed but it's vital to make distinctions between each individual case.

Other findings include:

  • Widdecombe Ann BlueSuit Ann Widdecombe is the choice of 27% of voters to be the next Speaker.  She has three times as much support as Ming Campbell.  Frank Field received 1% support.  John Bercow, Alan Haselhurst and Alan Beith received just 1% support.
  • 60% want a General Election now. 18% want it within weeks.
  • 61% say there's nothing wrong with Britain's constitution providing that MPs are honest and competent.

The usual voting intentions graphics are below.  They show little change from the previous YouGov survey.

YouGov EuroPoll

Tim Montgomerie


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