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Which MPs do you have faith in?

These threads have recently been dominated by negative stories about MPs.  May we have a thread that records some positive things about Members of Parliament?

Allow me to start the ball rolling with naming three MPs who give me hope for the future:

David Cameron himself.  I still think he needs to go further (and a little faster) but he has emerged with reasonable credit from this whole saga.  I expect a number of other Tory MPs will be standing down by the time his scrutiny committee has completed due process.

Frank Field.  My choice for Speaker I think Frank would be a powerful representative of the power of the backbenches and of select committees.  His own personal integrity would help the Commons move beyond the sorry saga of recent times.

Another Field, Mark Field.  For the reasons I set out on CentreRight, Mark has understood this whole affair before most others.  I hope there'll be a role for him in the Conservative government we all long to see.

Tim Montgomerie


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