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Tories below 40% in YouGov survey

Confirmation this morning (if we needed it) that the Conservatives are being damaged by expenses-gate even if Labour is being damaged most.  Another poll puts the Conservatives below 40%.  The situation in the European Elections is much worse with protest parties set to breakthrough:

YouGov NewEuroPoll

The poll also finds the BNP on 7% in the European Elections. Lord (Michael) Bates takes on the BNP in his first post for CentreRight today.

Picture 53 (I missed the poll earlier because it wasn't on The Telegraph website.  I noticed it on the indispensable UK Polling Report.  I haven't got access to real newspapers as I'm in the Lake District for a week, working most days but with my family enjoying a change of scenery.  Here's a snap I took yesterday from our rented cottage.)

Tim Montgomerie 


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