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The Telegraph versus Nadine Dorries

As I Twittered earlier, Dizzy Thinks notes that The Telegraph has taken legal action to order Nadine Dorries' blog offline.

I thought Nadine was largely wrong yesterday.  Wrong to see a conspiracy theory behind The Telegraph's uncovering of MPs' expenses.  Wrong to try and explain away how MPs have behaved.  Right (and humanitarian too), however, to warn at the sometimes unfair nature of the pursuit of MPs.  But everything she blogged seem to be fair comment.  The Telegraph's action against her blog appears excessive and will, I hope, be ended soon.

If The Telegraph thinks Nadine has written unfair things it has the platform to put the other side of the story.  Stephan Shakespeare has just done that in countering what he believes to be a misrepresentation of things he said to her at a private party.

Tim Montgomerie


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