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Tebbit and Cameron should have a cup of tea soon

Norman Tebbit was out of order yesterday and David Cameron made his displeasure clear during the Q&A at his special press conference:

"As a former party chairman he should know a thing or two about party discipline and he should probably know a thing or two about the rules about supporting other parties. He was treading a very careful path and I would warn him: if he slips off that path he's sitting as an independent."

A perfect and very confident response from the Tory leader.  As both Matthew d'Ancona and Daniel Finkelstein blogged yesterday, the former Tory Chairman was expressing the anger of many, many people.  The party doesn't need a confrontation with such a senior Conservative figure and, out of the party, he could be a champion of a sometimes discontented Right.

Lord Tebbit needs to be kept in the party.  Mr Cameron should invite the Chingford skinhead in for a cup of tea.  The latter is never going to be an enthusiast for modernisation but we need to keep him in the family.

Tim Montgomerie


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