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Stapler-hurling Brown launches negative ad against Conservatives

Labour's Party Election broadcast for the European Election attempts to paint the Conservatives as a party that will cut vital services to needy people.

Fraser Nelson's judgment:

"It's a thoroughly unpleasant advert, which reminds you how Labour's good points (and no, that wasn't a typo) have been buried by this stapler-hurling, printer-throwing bully."

Iain Martin blogs:

"Negative campaigning can work if the ad is well made and the claims don't sound silly and over the top..."

Iain thinks Labour's attack is "silly".  "But," he continues...

"...the oddest aspect of this is that it did not occur to anyone in Labour that it looks completely inappropriate in the current climate. The Tories have re-shot their PPB, with a straight to camera apology to voters from Cameron for the expenses scandal. Labour's machine is so broken that the idea of doing something similar appears to have passed them by."


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