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Should Tory MPs be spending the Communications Allowance?

David Cameron is pledged to abolish the Communication Allowance but Paul Waugh notes that most Tory MPs are currently using it.  "The total amount claimed by the Shad Cab," he blogs, "was a whopping £186,836."

Twenty-one Tory MPs don't use it at all: Afriye, Blunt, Brady, Chope, Cormack, Curry, Dorrell, Gibb, Greenway, Grieve, Hogg, O'Brien, Randall, Robathan, Robertson, Stanley, Tredinnick, Tyrie, Widdecombe, both Wintertons.  All mainly in safer seats.

What do people think?  Should Tory MPs stop using the allowance now or would that amount to unilateral disarmament?

Tim Montgomerie


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