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Second Tory MP calls on Speaker to go

Yesterday I linked to Douglas Carswell MP's blog and his decision to explore a motion of no confidence in Michael Martin.

Wallace Ben Douglas has since won support from another Tory MP Ben Wallace*.

The Speaker "lost it" in the Commons yesterday.  Labour MP Kate Hoey had told the Commons that it was "an awful waste of time" for police to investigate the leak to The Telegraph.  Michael Martin interrupted to complain about her "public utterances and your pearls of wisdom on Sky News."  He also clashed with Liberal Democrat Norman Baker.

Mr Martin's own use of expenses has been questionable.  He has not helped MPs to be open and transparent.  He is part of the problem and he should go as soon as possible.

Tim Montgomerie

* Ben Wallace provoked anger from his colleagues a couple of years ago when he voluntarily decided to publish his expenses online.  A transparency pioneer.


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