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Please register for the new comments system

Over the weekend of 18th April we introduced a new comments system.  As of today it is operational on all ConHome pages.  We have had to move ToryDiary to this new page to make this happen.  There were just too many comments on the old ToryDiary to integrate into the new system.

TRGTory I encourage you to register for a TypePad account via this page.  This will allow your comments to be accompanied by an image and for your previous comments to be listed on one page.  The image could be a photograph of yourself or something else distinctive.  My favourite so far is the one chosen by TRG Tory on the right.  He/she has made his/her affiliation clear!  Others like Dan Beckham are using a proper picture of themselves.  By registering you can also provide other readers with more information about you.  TRGTory has chosen to tells us that they come from Edinburgh.  The profile also gives a history of comments.

Other benefits of the new system include a simple facility to reply to others' comments and to delete your comment if you are unhappy with it... but this delete option only lasts a few minutes.

You will still be able to leave comments exactly as before if you do not want to register but those willing to register are demonstrating a certain openness.

Tim Montgomerie


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