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"Please give examples of things that people are saying to you about the state of politics"

In the last few days we have been treated to some Conservative politicians blaming The Telegraph, "jealous voters" and the Fees Office for expenses-gate.  Fortunately David Cameron has rebuked them.  One of the questions we asked in ConservativeHome's recent survey of readers was "please give examples of things that people are saying to you about the state of politics."  1,677 responses were received.  Here are the first 25 answers (republished verbatim) for those few politicians still in denial about the public mood.

"1.    Broken Disgusting All the same All at it Out for themselves There is a pointless media frenzy over this Needed constitutional reform could come out of all of this

 2.    They're all at it:snouts in the trough. This is fraud & if you or I did it, we's be on trial

 3.    Not many surprises as most people realize that MPs are, on the whole, not to be trusted. Also the views of ordinary voters on many issues viz. excessive public expenditure,crime ,immigration,etc. are ignored. Expect very low polls in Europe elections. Disgraceful behavoir-and to think I was a Conservative County Councillor for 20 years. Salary No Public Service YES

 4.    That they're all the same. That estate agents don't seem so bad now.

 5.    This is typical of the arrogance of politicians. They think they are not like everyone else. They don't listen to us or care what we think. There is a general feeling of disenchantment rather than it being just focused on the issue of greed - and this scandal has strongly reinforced this.

 6.    Yhey are all the same , out to get what they can for themselves with little or no regard for their electorate

 7.    It's a rotten clique milking the taxpayer. they have forgotten that it's they who should serve the people that they represent

 8.    How can MPs do this in such dire economic circumstances? They are corrupt even at local level

 9.    They state the glaringly obvious, in various ways - the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Expenses, smoking non-bans, 24hr licensing, no PO closures - you probably know more than we do. Then again, they have no work to do, the EU does it all - if they're involved at all, it's merely to nod as laws etc go by. Bastards.

 10.    "It's all pigs in the trough, why do they need expenses as well as pay?" NB: I do not agree with this, as it runs the risk of only the wealthy able to afford to become MPs.

 11.    As you might guess - snakes in the grass which is a bit hard on snakes, they can't help it.

 12.    MPs are totally disconnected from the people they are supposed to be serving It is appalling/scandalous that people are seeking to manipulate the allowances system in this way MPs seem to believe there should be diferent rules for them than for everyone else - e.g. on tax, pensions, allowances, etc.

 13.    All MPs are as bad a each other snouts in the trough etc. It's a cosy club. The Telegraph has confirmed what was already suspected. MPs don't represent the electorate. It has always been pciking between the best of a bad bunch - now only fringe partied or inedpendents have any credibility. The expenses details that were going to be released must have been going to be heavily sanitised - there is no way the MPs would have been caught out like this or have carried on this way if they thought these details were to have been made public. If 100 folk in 60 million is an epidemic how can 100 out of 650 be a small minority? Not going to vote or going to vote for UKIP, BNP independent. Won't donate to party. Feel they've been made a fool of taken a loan of - ie asked for donations and to volunteer while the MPs fill their boots. I could go on all day!

 14.    It's been deteriorating since Heath lied and took us into the EU - now that most of our laws come from over there we don't need any of this lot, of whatever party! They certainly don't deserve or need much pay let alone expenses.

 15.    'All parties are the same, out to help themselves' 'I will vote BNP, not for any of the main parties'

 16.    noses in troughs comes to law for them and another for us!!

 17.    The papers have failed to explain the meaning of expenses to the public for them to fairly determine what is fair. Also, they fail to understand the need for 2nd homes. For that reason, I dismiss many of their statements. Some people feel they expect MPs to fiddle expenses and others relate the issue to their own hardship, such as loss of job.

 18.    They are all corrupt

 19.    Canvassing for county & by electionin Warwick West more people are now saying undecided so will put our pledge list out of date immediately. Am disgusted at greed of MPs, even Con ones who should have known better.

 20.    MP's used lecture to us from the moral high ground. As a body they can no longer be considered honourable, no longer be assumed to occupy the moral high ground. They no longer have the right to govern/represent us - if that is what they purport to do.

 21.    Its disgusting We need a general election now

 22.    it is impacting on all public sector even employees of councils are being accused never mind the impact on everyone who puts there name on a ballot paper and wins

 23.    Very many MPs have shown themselves to have no integrity and sense of propriety. Their credibity in passing judgement on others' behaviour is lost. They have should themselves untrustworthy in managing their own affairs collectively and individually.

 24.    Disgust at the way politicians profit at the people's expense. Why aren't MPs disciplined over sensitive issues like Alan Duncan and his comments v Miss California. He should be removed for his comments and they shouldn't be hushed up just because he is gay.

 25.    Wec now in uncharted territory due to the scale of the scandal."


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