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Open thread on Sunday Telegraph revelations

Profile 9.45pm The Telegraph's Benedict Brogan tells Five Live that Sinn Fein were claiming three times the market rate of the properties they rent and neighbours say they hardly see them actually use the accommodation. He says that it was right for The Telegraph to begin its scrutiny with a focus on the party in power but the Conservatives are "equally implicated" in the expenses scandal but declines to say when the shadow cabinet's expenses are revealed.  Revelations to come are as "jaw dropping" as any yet revealed.  He says he would expect "honourable members" to resign in normal circumstances but there is a certain "safety in crowds". He says there will NOT be bigger revelations in later editions.

9.30pm: Not The Sunday Telegraph but Lord Carey has entered the debate: "Parliament's moral authority has slumped to its "lowest ebb in living memory", former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has said. Lord Carey told the News of the World that leaked reports about MPs' expenses had shaken trust in politics. He said the revelations had exposed the "clawing greed" at the heart of Westminster's "culture of abuse"." - BBC

9.15pm: "Kitty Ussher, a junior minister, wrote a letter asking if she could put a full re-fit of her run-down Victorian house on her House of Commons expenses. Her two-page note details 12 separate major repairs she hoped to have carried out on the home in South London, including the removal of a “bad taste” Artex ceiling." - Sunday Telegraph

Mole Picture 14 8.45pm Radio Five Live is reporting that the first edition of The Sunday Telegraph has Sinn Fein claiming £500,000 from the second homes allowance and Tory MP John Gummer claiming to have moles removed from his land.


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