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Cameron and Brown debate expenses at PMQs

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12.45pm: WHAT OTHERS SAID...

"Cameron picked up where he left off yesterday.  He's got the lead on the issue of expenses, and he's not letting go - as evidenced by his suggestion that the communications allowance be scrapped.  Brown looked flustered and weak in response.  His tactic is clear: to paint the Tories as a party which is refusing to "work together" with the Government to "restore trust".  But Brown's committee, committee, committee approach fails to capture the urgent public mood in the way that Cameron's sensible, quickly enactable, measures do." (Pete Hoskin).

"Mr Cameron called for the £10,000 communications allowance to be scrapped saying it was a "waste of money" and said the Boundary Commission should be asked to reduce the size of the House of Commons. Mr Brown said he was trying to build a consensus for reform of expenses. He said the communications allowance had been agreed by the House. But the Tory leader said it was "time to wake up and see what's going on in the country" and accused Mr Brown of failing to show leadership." (Sky News).

"Gordon Brown has backed proposals to see all MPs' expenses receipts put online the moment money is spent." (PoliticsHome).

"Michael Martin put on another poor show, commencing PMQs two minutes late. As Sandra Gidley twittered: "Come on Mr Speaker, it's 23 minutes past and we are only on Question 2". He also had to be prompted by a withering look from Cameron to call for order when Labour backbenchers got rowdy." (Iain Dale).


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