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Live blog of Cameron's expenses press conference

CamAtPresser Cameron, not verbatim:

I'm sorry.

Politicians have acted unethically.

They have bought things that ordinary people cannot afford with taxpayers' money.

MPs must claim what is necessary for their jobs, not what they can get away with...

Michael Gove will pay back £7,000 for furniture...

Oliver Letwin will pay back money for plumbing repair under his tennis court...

Alan Duncan will pay back the money he took for gardening...

George Osborne will pay back the money he received for a £400 car ride...

Francis Maude, Chris Grayling, Theresa Villiers will no longer claim accommodation allowance...

A new scrutiny committee will examine other MPs' questionable behaviour and those that do not pay back what that committee requires will no longer be Tory MPs.

All expenses will be published online...

Flipping will be banned...

MPs who sell a home funded by the second home allowance will be expected to pay capital gains tax on it...

Only rent, mortgage interest, overnight stays and council tax bills will now be claimed by Tory MPs. No food, no furniture.



On Norman Tebbit David Cameron said the former Chairman had been reading a very fine line and if he failed to tread carefully he'll find himself sitting as an independent.

He says that he met shadow cabinet, 1922 and all parliamentary party earlier in separate meetings and they support this action.

Cameron says this won't be his last word on these issues.

If shadow cabinet ministers hadn't paid back money they would have been sacked.

There will be no one Yippee moment when politicians free themselves from these difficulties but this is a good start.

Chief Whip, my chief of staff will sit on scrutiny committee and one or two independents. It will act quickly.

I like to know what is going on my party. I did not know about claiming for moats and mole traps. I am appalled like the public.

I have no problems with what The Telegraph has done. No members of the public have complained to me about the press - only about MPs' behaviour.

This is the very worst time - in recession - to ask the public for more money for funding of political parties.

You can't withdraw the whip from MPs just because of something that's appeared in a newspaper.  Every MP deserves to have their conduct properly examined.



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