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Labour fall to third place for first time in 22 years

A devastating ICM poll for tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph puts Labour in THIRD place behind the Liberal Democrats:

ICM No wonder that Labour is considering a deal with the Liberal Democrats that will introduce PR and scupper Tory chances of a second term.

"Nick Clegg's party have emerged relatively well from the MPs' expenses scandal," reports The Sunday Telegraph's Patrick Hennessy: "When asked by ICM which main party had been most damaged, just 2 per cent said the Lib Dems, compared with 54 saying Labour had come out worst and 13 per cent claiming the Tories were the most damaged. Some 25 per cent say all three main parties have been equally damaged."

ICM also measured opinion for the European Elections.  Compared to yesterday's Populus survey it found a much weaker standing for UKIP:

ICMEURO The changes are against last week's ICM survey for The Guardian.

Tim Montgomerie


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